At the bench today

Today at my bench I will close the box of my 40th instrument- closing the box in this case means to glue the front onto the ribstructure which is already fixed to the back. For the model I chose to copy a 1703 Stradivari violin which I have made a few times now. With each instrument I change small details, following my eye regarding stylistic features that I think can be made to look more authentic as well as going by intuition about changing the final sonic outcome- working the arching and thicknessing a little differently. Changes that I make from one instrument to the next (within the same model) are always a step by step approach and very small-  the cremonese makers output as a whole can be grouped by having been designed and carved strictly following traditional ways and methods, still you see a progress in every makers work during their lifes- gaining experience resulting in small changes while keeping their feet under the cremonese bench.

Here are a few photos I just took, the back upper corner in detail, the left f-hole and how it lies withing the arching and a last look at the inside before glueing it together.




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