About Me

In love with music and wood work at an early age I moved to England to study lutherie at the renowned Newark School of violin making. After I left school with my diploma- highly inspired- I spent several years in workshops developing a working routine and refining my technique through daily practice.

In 2007 I passed the German craftsmanship exam- Geigenbaumeister.

Since December 2009 I am part of the team working for Hieronymus Köstler- restorer, instrument maker and consultant for violins, violas, cellos and their bows in Stuttgart-Germany.
The restoration challenges I´m faced with in this highly acclaimed workshop and the possibility to study the best old instruments has greatly influenced my making of new instruments and is an ongoing inspiration.

My passion and strive for the making of great looking and sounding violins is based on the tradition of our beloved forefathers- the 17th and 18th century violin makers of Cremona-Italy.
I thoroughly study their works and methods- combining them with current acoustic research, my ever growing intuition and exchange with colleagues helps me be a part of todays renaissance in instrument making.

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